Holding Ground. Breaking Ground.

Year One Reflections

This week marks one year since we launched The MATCH International Women’s Fund. And as we celebrate this historic occasion, we can’t help but think back to all that has happened since then. So much can change over the course of a year and the last twelve months are no exception when it comes to the progress we’ve made for women’s rights.

Since the launch of The MATCH Fund, we have invested in women’s organizations in more than 20 countries around the world. From Jamaica to South Africa to the Pacific Islands, we are supporting creative and courageous grassroots women’s groups to drive positive social change for women and girls.

Our grantees have worked tirelessly, connecting and mobilizing local and national women’s movements, changing the way women’s rights are perceived in communities, and nurturing the next generation of leaders.

  • In Colombia, over 200 marginalized women have been educated on their rights as victims of displacement and forced disappearance and gained access to critical psychosocial and legal services.
  • In the Pacific Islands, 75 indigenous women convened for the very first time to discuss the obstacles and barriers they face and to create a shared platform for in national and international conversations about indigenous rights.
  • In Kenya, 500 girls, parents, teachers and community leaders came out to watch a women-led boxing tournament to engage community members in conversations about the gender stereotypes that hold young girls back from realizing their full potential.

But this is only the beginning. One year is just one small snapshot in the broader picture of building movements and transforming society. Advancing women’s rights is the kind of work that can take decades to achieve. And we are more committed than ever.

Here is to another great year of dismantling barriers, challenging perceptions and changing the world for women.

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