Today is the Day

Today is the day MATCH International launches Canada’s first international fund for women, a fund that invests in women’s rights organizations around the world to dismantle barriers, challenge perceptions and, ultimately, transform society.

We are launching today because true gender equality around the world remains an elusive goal. We are launching today because, in spite of the great emphasis on the empowerment of women and girls within the international agenda, the majority of women’s organizations cannot access funding from governments, bilateral institutions and large international NGOs. And we are launching today because Canada has a role to play in standing up for these organizations and supporting them in their pursuits for a more equal world for men and women. The MATCH Fund helps Canadians increase their support for women in the global South to accelerate change for women and girls.

As Canada’s first international organization with an exclusive focus on women’s rights, with over 37 years of experience and 650 partnerships with women’s organizations in 71 countries around the world, MATCH International is well-placed to know that women’s organizations are in the best position to mobilize communities and drive changes that are needed at the local level. That’s why The MATCH Fund will support these very organizations to carry out their important work – organizations that, every day, are overcoming great obstacles to hold ground and break ground for a more just society.

To learn more about The MATCH Fund, click here. To donate, click here. For media inquiries, click here.

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