2016-2017 Annual Report: Strength In Numbers

Annual Report 2016-2017

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We are Canada's one and only 
global fund for women, girls, and trans*
folks driving change at the
When 70 LGBT folks in Uganda protect each other from violence, that's strength in numbers. When hundreds of women in India march to protest rape, that's strength in numbers. And when thousands of Canadians donate their hard-earned dollars to support women-led innovations at the grassroots, that's strength in numbers, too.
It All Adds Up
Thanks to work supported by The MATCH Fund, this year:
Results of The Fund's
first 3-year grant cycle
The Multiplier Effect
Investing in women, girls, and trans* people at the grassroots is the best and fastest way to see change. Take the examples of Boxgirls (Kenya), Resolve Trash to Cash (India), and Las Golondrinas (Nicaragua.) Along with a small group of other funders, The MATCH Fund was one of their first investors. See how our seed investment over three years helped these organizations scale up and out.
2016-2019 Strategic Plan
This year, The MATCH Fund launched an ambitious plan to give 10x the grants to women, girls, and trans* folks by the end of 2019. Why 10x? Here are 10 answers.
The MATCH Fund is stronger every
year thanks to our donors, our partners,
and the millions of women around the
world who make transformative progress
despite incredible odds. We are just
getting started. Thanks for getting us this
far, and you won't believe what's in store!
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