Resource Center for Women and Girls (Kenya)

It’s no secret that girls in Kenya are natural leaders. Resource Center for Women and Girls (RCWG) in Machakos knows this first hand. They run unique mentoring camps for girls and young women from rural Kenya to equip them with power and resources they need to be agents of change. In addition to these camps, RCWG keeps the girls engaged through a series of mentoring and peer-networking initiatives, run by alumni of the Girls’ Camps themselves. This year, a grant from The MATCH Fund will support two Girls’ Camps for 50 young girls living in disadvantaged areas.

By investing in smart, ambitious, and brave girls, RCWG seeks to shift cycles of power to end violence against women and girls and promote sexual reproductive health rights, socio-economic resilience and the right to safe environments free from violence. Their model works – in fact, they have 250 girls (and counting) to prove it.

Talk about girl power.