2013-2016 Renewal Strategy

We are pleased to introduce our 2013-2016 Renewal Strategy. This strategy will both renew and transform our organization, build on our history and grow our deep network here in Canada and abroad. We will do this by turning our focus to three strategic areas: innovation, assembly and exchange.


The MATCH Women’s Fund for Social Innovation will be the only Canadian fund of its kind, with a mandate to focus specifically on supporting women in the global South. We will make funds and other resources available to women’s organizations working in the global South to support the testing of ideas and building of movements for women’s rights and equality.


We will work hand-in-hand with the women’s rights and international development communities. We will convene important conversations to shine light on women’s human rights, working with our community to track, respond to, and influence policies that affect women’s lives.


We believe there is more to be done in generating awareness and building understanding about women’s rights issues here at home. We believe that in spite of a globalized world where information is more widely available, women’s rights issues do not get the attention they need in order to truly mobilize change at all levels. We believe that Canadians care about women’s rights on a deep level, and that we can grow the momentum and outrage needed to inspire lasting change at all levels.

Read the full strategy here.

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