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Our dedicated donors provide the resources that empower our grantees to advance their efforts for social change.

For nearly 40 years, The MATCH International Women’s Fund has been drawing on the unique values of Canadians – our generosity, our resourcefulness, and our commitment to equality – to support women’s rights organizations in the global South. With their support, we have partnered with over 650 women’s organizations in over 75 countries since we first began.

Our supporters may come from a variety of different walks of life, but they all have one common goal: to make a positive impact in the lives of women and girls around the world. Read some of their inspiring stories below and meet the community of women’s rights supporters you join when you donate to The MATCH Fund.


A full-time philanthropist, an entrepreneur, and a proud feminist—these are just a few ways to describe Marcia Cardamore, one of the newest Founding Members of The MATCH International Women’s Fund.

Marcia Cardamore

Marcia Cardamore prefers to keep her eyes set on the horizon, always looking ahead for the next big thing. An early adopter, Marcia prides herself on her entrepreneurial spirit and her fearlessness in taking big risks to achieve even bigger results.

That’s why, after years working in the technology sector, Marcia courageously branched out into philanthropy, developing her own foundation with the aim of mobilizing resources to overcome gender inequalities around the world. She has a deep desire to uncover the next bold move and uses her foundation to invest in improving the lives and futures of women and girls globally.

Advancing Women’s Rights through Philanthropic Giving.

Marcia knows well the overwhelming obstacles that gender inequalities can create, having built her career in the technology sector in Canada, often as one of the only women sitting at the table. Today, a rising philanthropist, Marcia is troubled by the fact that women continue to face grave economic and social injustices and persecution around the world.

What most inspires Marcia to devote her time, money, and energy into women’s rights is the fact that many women’s voices continue to go unheard when it comes to the issues that impact both their own lives and the world around them. She strongly believes that we are missing out on half of the world’s skills, talents, and abilities and is using her bold philanthropic efforts to change that. But offering much more than just money, when Marcia commits to a cause she donates her knowledge, talents, time, leadership, and name to ensure her investments result in real and lasting positive change.

Read more in our full interview with Marcia. Click here.


An international development policy consultant, Senior Fellow at the School of International Development and Global Studies at the University of Ottawa, and one of our longest standing supporters—Hunter McGill puts his commitment to equality into action as a Leadership Donor of The MATCH International Women’s Fund.

Hunter McGill

Hunter McGill truly believes that grassroots women’s rights organizations have the power to create real and lasting change. His extensive career as an international development practitioner with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), allowed him to see first-hand the key role that women play in development, but also, in how undervalued their contributions tend to be.

“I learned how important it was to have programs and initiatives directed specifically for women and designed to meet their needs,” Hunter told us. “Supporting The MATCH Fund was a very personal way of helping a Canadian voice participate in the global dialogue and assist Southern women’s groups.”

Renewing his Commitment to Women’s Rights.

In 2013, when Hunter heard of the work we were doing to launch The MATCH International Women’s Fund, he renewed his commitment to women’s rights by becoming a Leadership Donor of The MATCH Fund. An expert in the field, Hunter has also made an ongoing commitment to sharing his experience and advice to ensure our continued success.

Hunter hopes that in leading by example, he will inspire more Canadians to grow the resources available to the innovative and courageous women around the world that The MATCH Fund supports. He believes that through The MATCH Fund, Canadians can champion gender issues, advocate on behalf of women in the global South, build true and lasting partnerships, and provide financial support for the invaluable programs and initiatives of women’s rights organizations around the world.

Thank you to all of our amazing supporters for your leadership and generosity. Most of all, thank you for believing in the work that we do to support women’s rights organizations Holding Ground and Breaking Ground around the world.


Thank you also to the many Canadian foundations and organizations, both past and present, who have generously donated to The MATCH Fund and our partners. Some of these supporters are listed below.


Shirley Greenberg’s investment in The MATCH Fund has been catalytic. It has amplified the impact of the women and girls that we support. It has given weight to our work in Canada as we raise awareness for issues affecting women around the world. We are emboldened by Shirley’s patronage – her commitment has enabled The MATCH Fund to take on this important work. Shirley, thank you for your faith and your leadership.


We invite all who share in our vision of a global community where women have the resources and power to realize their rights to join us as we support women’s organizations around the world who are dismantling barriers, challenging perceptions, and changing the world for women and girls.

To make a donation and support women’s rights organizations today, please click here. To learn more about different ways of giving to The MATCH International Women’s Fund, please contact us by e-mail at info@matchinternational.org or by telephone at 1-855-640-1872.

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