Meet Our Newest Partners

The MATCH Fund is thrilled to welcome three new partners who are Holding Ground and Breaking Ground for a better world. With our support, they are helping women and girls receive the education, justice and childhood they deserve.


“Indigenous women need to hear their own voices,” says Bouba, the founder of a grassroots group for Mbororo women. In a place where Boko Haram regularly uses girls in suicide bombings, Bouba has her work cut out for her. Mbororo girls are denied an education, forced to marry much older men, and taught that they don’t matter. Bouba’s idea — to create an Indigenous girl-led organization in this far-flung community — has taken off. She has already helped 1,200 girls escape child marriage, access mental health services, and learn to read and write.



Since 2014, ISIS has killed or kidnapped more than 10,000 Yazidi men, women, and children in a genocide that needs decisive action by the international community. Mothers have been separated from their children. Women were sold as slaves, and many remain captive. Communities have been broken. One of The MATCH Fund’s newest partners documents and archives the stories of unspeakable violence endured by Yazidi women and girls. The purpose is threefold: to highlight the experiences of women survivors of sexual violence and the scale of the crimes committed against the Yazidi people; to bring the perpetrators to justice, possibly through action by the International Criminal Court; and to fight tirelessly on behalf of the Yazidi people still in danger.

Meet all of our partners driving change around the world here.

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