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The MATCH Fund Game Changers

Be a Game Changer. Become a monthly donor.

The MATCH Fund Game Changers are a special group of loyal supporters who invest every month in the future of women’s rights. They are committed to ensuring that a Canadian movement for international women’s rights is sustained, in the face of great obstacles. Together, we are making a lasting change in the lives of women and girls.

Monthly giving allows us to plan more effectively and ensures that your donation has the greatest possible impact. Join The MATCH Fund Game Changers and you will influence the lives of women and girls every month of the year.

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Your monthly donations are important to us because they are:
  • cost effective – monthly donations reduce the volume of mail we send, helps us use less paper, and keeps our administrative costs low.
  • stable and reliable – sustained giving allows us to better plan for the future.
Your monthly donations work better for you because they are:
  • easy and convenient – your gift is automatically made through your bank account or credit card.
  • easy to change – you can cancel, or temporarily suspend your donations at any time.
The benefits of joining The MATCH Fund Game Changers include:
  • a custom welcome kit – with special updates from our Grantees;
  • one consolidated tax-receipt – at the beginning of each calendar year;
  • insider information – including newsletters, annual reports, and our yearly fund reports on the progress of our grantees;
  • events – be among the first to receive invitations to events in your area;
  • yearly webinars – with a personal update from The MATCH Fund’s Executive Director.

Photo Credit: Kym Shumsky

“I think the real reason I became a monthly donor is because it feels so good. I’m a monthly donor for another feminist organization that’s focused on Canada, and had been thinking about becoming a regular contributor to an organization working internationally. I know how important it is for charitable organizations to have a predictable source of income. Then the US election happened and it felt like the patriarchy was closing ranks. I needed to do something that felt empowering. Becoming a monthly donor for The MATCH Fund was just what I wanted: it was empowering for me, and I know it’s empowering other women, too. What an honour to be able to support that!”

-Jennifer Salahub, Monthly Donor

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For more information:
  • call: 1.855.640.1872
  • email:
  • online: click here
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