Why We Do It

The MATCH International Women’s Fund gives everyone the opportunity to use their power for good in this lifetime.

To support innovative grassroots women’s organizations that are holding ground and breaking ground around the world.

Women, girls, and trans* people at the grassroots will lead movements for transformative change: dismantling barriers, changing systems, challenging perceptions, and transforming society.

An end to violence and discrimination against women and girls. For good.

COURAGE: We are driven by our humanity and compassion to stop the harm and hurt that comes from discrimination and injustice. We stand in solidarity with women’s organizations that bravely challenge the status quo. We invest in work that is political, complex, and embedded in the dynamics of power. Being a courageous funder means that we are risk takers, early adopters and responsive grant-makers at our core.

AMBITION: We punch above our weight in all we do, from the quality of our reporting to our deep relationships with our partners. From the friendships we have built with our donors to our ability to leverage corporate resources for good. We do this by always striving for excellence and taking that extra step. We envision a world where The MATCH Fund channels millions into the hands of women’s organizations, and won’t stop until we get there.

TENACITY: We take our cue from the organizations we fund who are resilient and unrelenting in their work to make the world a better place. We acknowledge that change doesn’t happen overnight. But we are in it to win it, however long that takes.

FEMINISMS: We believe in the universality of women’s human rights. We recognize that there are multiple feminisms, and that feminism itself is both intersectional and diverse. We exist in a world of interconnected oppression and this impacts different women in different ways, depending on their class, race, age, ability, sexual orientation or religion. Our work is stronger when we include women, girls, and trans* people across movements, be it environmental, human, indigenous, labour or land rights.

INNOVATION: We believe that innovation happens when people and organizations flex their reflex to think creatively. We believe that making the space to solve problems through creativity and ingenuity will ultimately lead to the disruptive ideas that will change the world. This is a way of working that is built within our DNA.

AGILITY: The world is changing fast and we are committed to remaining agile in all we do to create the most strategic opportunities for change – we may pivot quickly, experiment and fail – and this is part of a dynamic process of refinement. We acknowledge that this is a learning journey for us all, and we strive to build an organizational reflex that is responsive, creative, open-minded and thoughtful in all we do.

COLLABORATION: The global women’s movement, of which we are part, is one of the most dynamic examples of collaboration. The impact of what we can do together is unimaginable when we leverage our different strengths and passions for good. We will always opt for an approach that gives us the diversity of expertise and bench strength to do it better. We acknowledge that we can be powerful brokers and alliance builders to strengthen the field of women’s rights philanthropy, and that our relationships with partners, women’s funds, corporate allies and innovation leaders to amplify our collective work.

We often say that we couldn’t do this work without recognizing the shoulders upon which we stand. Just as important, we must express a deep gratitude for and acknowledgment of the land upon which we stand.

The MATCH International Women’s Fund’s headquarters is located on the traditional and unceded territory of the Algonquin nation. Our remote staff live and work on Indigenous lands and territories across North America, acknowledging: the Mississaugas of New Credit First Nation, the Haudenosaunee, the Huron-Wendat, the Cahuilla, Gabrielino, Serrano, Luiseno, Chemehuevi, and Mojave tribes, and other recognized and unrecognized Indigenous peoples.

Further, The MATCH Fund’s work and the work of our global partners is made possible by the innovations and contributions of Indigenous women, girls and trans* people around the world–from Mayan women in Guatemala to Mbororo girls in Cameroon.

We wish to express gratitude for the resources we use, and we honour all the First Nation, Métis, Inuit, and Indigenous peoples who have been living and innovating on these lands since time immemorial.

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