Meet Our Grantee Partners

Creative. Fierce. Determined. These are the words that come to mind when we think of the brave and tenacious women who raised us. But have you ever considered how they are also words that describe great innovators and ground-breakers? It is no coincidence the two overlap. For decades, our mothers, sisters and daughters have been inventing creative solutions to overcome the many barriers they face.


Meet one of our newest grantee partners, Equifonía AC, on our new Grantee Profiles page.

But for many women, innovation is more than a new way of thinking. It is often a matter of survival. Whether it is using technology in new ways to curb harassment in the streets, supporting midwives to treat survivors of rape or finding new methods to build the capacity of women leaders in peace negotiations, necessity is the mother of invention and no one does it better than these women.

We proudly stand behind the women’s organizations that are uncovering new ways to transform society for a more equal world. This Mother’s Day, we are thrilled to introduce you to the innovative and inspiring women Holding Ground and Breaking Ground that you support through The MATCH International Women’s Fund. From the Caribbean to the Pacific and everywhere in between, our grantee partners are dedicated to overcoming barriers, challenging perceptions and changing the world for women.

Click here to meet some of our amazing grantee partners on our new Grantee Profiles page.

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