Feminist Trailblazer Spotlight: Gisèle Baraka Bashige

Gisèle is a truth-teller, a peace-maker, and a human rights defender in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. A journalist with The MATCH Fund’s partner, Mama Radio, Gisèle is unafraid to call it like she sees it, especially when it comes to the lives of women and girls.

Due to years of conflict in the DRC, hundreds of thousands of displaced people have resettled in South Kivu–more than half of whom are women and children. For women and girls seeking refuge, sexual violence is a constant threat, making the violence they flee and the violence they face a minefield of tough choices.

Gisèle herself knows something about tough choices. A professional social worker turned radio host, she has seen it all. But, more than just a voice on the radio, Gisèle is a millennial with a message. She has travelled across all eight territories of South Kivu and around the globe to help women, refugees, and people with disabilities to understand and demand their rights.  

Recently, thanks to her work in peaceful conflict resolution, she was invited by the American State Department to participate in the International Visitor Leadership Program.







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