Marcia Cardamore: Why I Support The MATCH Fund

Marcia Cardamore

A full-time philanthropist, an entrepreneur, and a proud feminist — these are just a few ways to describe Marcia Cardamore, one of the newest Founding Members of The MATCH International Women’s Fund.

Marcia Cardamore is a true leader in her support of women’s rights. Our Communications Coordinator, Stephanie Needham, sat down with Marcia to discuss why she believes investing in The MATCH Fund is the next bold move for advancing women’s rights around the world.

Stephanie: You recently made a significant investment as a Founding Member for The MATCH International Women’s Fund. What inspired you to support Canada’s first and only international fund for women?

Marcia: I believe in taking risks and making bold moves in the hope of achieving great outcomes. I chose to invest in The MATCH International Women’s Fund because I firmly believe that, as a Canadian, The MATCH Fund is the next bold move for international women’s rights and gender equality.

Around the world, far too many women continue to face grave injustices. The MATCH International Women’s Fund recognizes the ongoing oppression and discrimination against women which results in half of the world’s skills, abilities and talents being dismissed or under-utilized. The MATCH Fund focuses on supporting women’s rights organizations led by women who are in the best position to drive dramatic and lasting change for women and girls in their communities.

Stephanie: What motivates you to invest so strongly in the women’s rights organizations we support in the global South?

Marcia: I believe we will have the greatest chance for success if we support the women who are closest to the problem as they are the ones who know best what the most pressing needs are for women and girls in their communities. They also have the best vantage point to identify where the opportunities exist in the lives of women and girls.

It’s also no secret that women can do great work, even with small amounts of money. That’s why I believe that supporting women’s rights organizations is also the most logical and respectful place to begin.

But not every funding agency sees it this way. The reality is that around the world, women’s rights organizations are grossly underfunded. I believe The MATCH International Women’s Fund is the best vehicle for Canadians who want to help grassroots women’s rights organizations in the global South.

Stephanie: What do you feel makes The MATCH Fund a unique place to invest for Canadians?

Marcia: I appreciate how The MATCH Fund recognizes that sometimes our greatest positive impact is not easily quantifiable. When it comes to women’s rights, we need to move beyond numbers and get at the heart of the story. Changing the harsh realities many women and girls around the world face takes a significant investment of not only money, but also time. I like that The MATCH International Women’s Fund isn’t afraid to invest in women’s organizations that may not produce quick results, but instead will drive fundamental social change over the long-run.

Stephanie: Where do you see our work headed in the next ten years?

Marcia: The MATCH International Women’s Fund is a nimble organization. It is probably one of the best kept secrets that this organization is one of the oldest women’s funds in the world, and that’s something Canadians can be very proud of.

Today, The MATCH Fund is at a crossroads where, with our support, this organization – and the Canadians who boldly back it – has a true opportunity to be part of the zeitgeist to improve the lives and futures of women and girls globally. These women’s groups need our financial assistance so that they can make the world a better place.

The MATCH International Women’s Fund is already having significant impact in the lives of women and girls, and I truly believe it will be successful in its second chapter. Over the past few months, I have witnessed first-hand the remarkably talented minds behind the organization and its grant-making process while sitting on the Advisory Council. The experience was a truly transformative one and has directly contributed to the confidence I have that The MATCH Fund is making a real positive difference. Donating to The MATCH Fund is the next bold move all of us can make for women’s rights.

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