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Jill Hawkins’ mother, a pharmacist, was a STEM pioneer long before women were encouraged to excel in the sciences.

“My mother recalled having frogs thrown at her during labs and being accused of taking away men’s opportunities for both education and employment,” Jill told us.

To honour her mother, Jill became a Game Changer for women’s rights. Her sustained monthly gift to The MATCH Fund supports women in the global South who are breaking ground for women everywhere.

“Although my mother didn’t see herself as a remarkable woman, my sisters, her granddaughters, and I do,” Jill tells us. Jill’s mother grew up in a small town in Alberta, determined to be independent and financially self-reliant despite limited support and opportunities for women. Jill’s mother apprenticed at a local pharmacy throughout high school and saved enough money to leave home and support herself while studying pharmacy at the University of Alberta. Studying a science-based academic program in the 1940s, she was one of very few women in her class.

Jill adds that with veterans returning to the labor force after World War II, this was a particularly difficult time not only for her mother, but for all women who wanted to work outside the home. Despite these challenges, Jill’s mother finished her degree and started her career as a pharmacist. She retired at the age of 72.

“To give back, I look for ways to honour my mother and the legacy of countless other women who overcame obstacles to help build a society that gave me access to opportunities for education and a career of my choice. One of the ways I can help women today is through a sustained contribution to The MATCH International Women’s Fund – a fund that supports initiatives aimed at addressing obstacles and improving the lives of women and girls around the world.”

The MATCH Fund Game Changers make a monthly contribution allowing for more effective and long term planning.

Thank you to Jill, and to all of our monthly donors for their incredible and continued support. To learn more about how to become a Game Changer, please click here.

Interested in sharing your story about why you support women’s rights? E-mail us at info@matchinternational.org.

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