International Women’s Day E-Card Campaign

Saying ‘Thanks’ Is Just The Beginning

This International Women’s Day we are on a mission to recognize as many women as possible and we need your help. Here’s what we need you to do: send an e-card to a woman who inspires you. Thank your best feminist friend for standing up for women’s rights. Thank your courageous colleagues for making the world a better place for women. And don’t forget to thank your mom just for being the wonderful woman that she is.

Although the act of sending e-cards may feel small, its impact can be much larger. Together, we can join the global movement for women’s rights by reminding women that we think they’re amazing. This International Women’s Day, let’s make sure no woman’s hard work goes unnoticed.

Send an e-card today and thank the women making a difference in your life.


Join the global movement to end violence against women by sending an e-card

Women in Peru protest the rape of Carmen Medina.

Activists in Peru protest the rape of a local woman.
Photo courtesy of CEDEMUNEP

This year, the United Nation’s theme for International Women’s Day is ‘A promise is a promise: time for action to end violence against women’. This theme is especially appropriate given recent events around the world such as the horrific attack on 15-year-old Malala Yousafzai, a women’s rights activists and advocate for the education of young girls in Pakistan, the fatal gang rape of a young woman in India, and the escalating street harassment in Egypt.

But there is hope. This year’s theme also speaks to the global outrage and momentum that is building for victims of violence. In November of last year, women’s rights activists worked to raise awareness for 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence. On February 14th, one billion women and men around the world danced to protest violence against women as part of the One Billion Rising campaign. And acts of violence have been met with protests in the street from India to Peru to the Idle No More movement here in Canada.

We are inspired by this growing global movement. It is clear that now more than ever we need to make ending violence against women a top priority. Let’s start by thanking those around us who make the world a better place for women . Send an e-card today and acknowledge the women and men who make a difference in your life and the lives of others.

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