Canada Launches a New Equality Funding Initiative

Investing directly, significantly and consistently into women’s rights organizations and movements

To The MATCH Fund’s Friends and Supporters,

Today is a big day for Canada.

With the Canadian Government’s lead investment of up to $300M, the just-announced equality funding initiative will leverage the financial clout of government, private, investment and philanthropic sectors to reach women driving social change and peace efforts globally.

This is a call to action for all Canadians, with an ambitious goal to significantly support women’s organizations and movements and to break down silos. Over the next 18 months and beyond, the initiative will work alongside a variety of partners from the non-profit, philanthropic and private sectors to create a Canadian-led platform with international reach.

“This is a feat that no single sector or entity can tackle alone.” Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau

Additionally, the equality funding initiative will strategically invest in the deeply under-resourced global women’s movements and organizations driving the cultural, economic and political changes required to make gender equality a reality. Still in early stages of development, the initiative’s investment strategy will generate a sustainable revenue stream over time. That means funding women’s groups and movements in perpetuity!

It is an honour to work alongside my colleagues, Sophie Gupta (lawyer, venture capitalist and Principal at Yaletown Partners) and Jessica Houssian (Senior Advisor at Women Moving Millions). Together, we’ll bring the best and brightest minds of philanthropy, finance, and feminism to this brand-new initiative. We can’t wait for you to get involved.

We will look back on today as the day the power shifted. I couldn’t be more proud to share this moment with you.

Until we are all equal,

Jess Tomlin