Help Us Push for Permanent Change

There’s no quick fix for the lack of funding that gets into the hands of the brave women who are at the pulse of the women’s rights movements across the world.

Thankfully, our donors’ generous support is helping create a new reality for feminist groups and movements.

We are so grateful for the support we received on this last Giving Tuesday – all in the name of permanent change for women and girls, such as Nilam from India.

Didn’t have a chance to donate to The MATCH Fund yet? Give now!

A huge thanks to Vanessa Evans and her organization, the Red Butterfly Foundation, for a $5,000 match on Giving Tuesday and for kicking off our No Quick Fix t-shirt social media campaign.

GIVING TUESDAY: There’s No Quick Fix (VIDEO)

Post your #NoQuickFix short videos and pictures and we’ll be sure to share through our channels over the coming weeks.

Donate $125 or more and we’ll send you a cozy American Apparel No Quick Fix t-shirt!


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