Fem Alliance (FEMA) (Uganda)

Even though Uganda’s 2014 Anti-Homosexuality Act did not pass on a technicality, violence against LBT individuals is on the rise (and harsher anti-homosexuality policies are in the works.) Ugandan lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (LBT) individuals often do not seek healthcare for fear of discrimination, homelessness, unemployment, or incarceration.

Fem Alliance (FEMA) creates safe spaces for LBT people who face discrimination and violence due to their sexual orientation and gender identity. FEMA’s three core areas include raising awareness within the LBT community, advocating to reform Ugandan HIV/AIDS policies, and building a safety net of strategic, multi-sector partnerships throughout the country. And, most immediately, in a country where LBT individuals have been lynched, tortured, and mobbed, FEMA practices safety in numbers. When all else fails, Jay, FEMA’s Executive Director says: “we go out and stay with people if they think they’re in danger. We’re always there.”

A grant from The MATCH Fund ensures that FEMA will be there: helping people access healthcare, keeping each other safe, and uniting against discrimination in 2015-2016.

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