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The Equality Fund is an unprecedented collaboration that will combine international feminist grant-making with an innovative investment arm, delivering new momentum for women’s movements and supporting the advancement of gender equality globally.

A bold philanthropic strategy will be leveraged to mobilize unparalleled Canadian and international resources.

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The Equality Fund’s core work will be supporting women’s rights organizations and feminist movements domestically and globally. We will provide financial resources, support capacity building, and accompany organizations at the grassroots, national and international levels. Changing and transforming unequal power structures will be at the core of our actions.Grounded in feminist principles, grant-making will support the priorities identified by feminist activists and organizations while adopting an intersectional approach. We will shift decision-making power to local organizations by using innovative processes such as participatory grant-making. Learning and progress will be accelerated through feminist evaluation and inclusive processes.


The Equality Fund will use social finance as a tool to deploy investment capital to support systems transformation for gender equality, while generating returns for investors.Through a holistic approach to gender-lens investing, we will lean on the best practices of impact investing as well as traditional investing, combined with a deep understanding of the global issues that perpetuate gender inequalities.


Our vision also includes an ambitious philanthropic strategy to assemble and sustain the world’s largest fund for women and girls by engaging all Canadians in its financing.According to the latest fundraising data available, only 8% of Canadian giving goes to international causes, with humanitarian emergencies receiving more than half. There exists a historic opportunity to increase funding for women and girls.We will work with those who are eager to play a part in changing the status quo, and partner across our networks with major foundations, philanthropists and all Canadians to unleash unprecedented funds in support of gender equality.


Our collective will work together to effectively advance the creation of the Equality Fund. All members share common values but offer unique organizational strengths.

The MATCH International Women’s Fund (The MATCH Fund) is Canada’s only global fund for women, girls, and trans* people. The MATCH Fund will leverage its cutting-edge feminist grant-making experience, as well as its Canadian philanthropy expertise to lead the design and build of the Equality Fund in collaboration with our partners.

The African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF) mobilizes resources for women’s organizations in Africa. In the last 16 years, AWDF has provided more than $34 million to over 1,300 women-led organizations in 43 African countries and 2 in the Middle East. AWDF brings southern leadership to the Equality Fund and is a key partner in shaping our grant-making and philanthropic strategies.

Calvert Impact Capital invests to create a more equitable and sustainable world. Through its products and services, Calvert raises capital from individual and institutional investors to finance intermediaries and funds that are investing in communities left out of traditional capital markets. During its 24-year history, it has mobilized over $2.5 billion of investor capital. Calvert Impact Capital has recently expanded its services to aggregate capital where it originates, structures and administers loans for institutional and accredited investors seeking environmental and social impact. Since the launch, it has catalyzed an additional $200mm.

Community Foundations of Canada (CFC) is the Canadian movement for community vitality. CFC’s network of 191 community foundations holds $5.8 billion in assets and together reaches 90% of Canadian communities. It is part of a global network of more than 1,800 place-based foundations in over 50 countries around the world. CFC has the capacity to manage significant financial investments and provide management support. Its Canadian network is a promising entry point to explore new ways of engaging Canadian philanthropists and local activists.

The Canadian Women’s Foundation is a national leader in the movement for gender equality in Canada. Through funding, research, advocacy, and knowledge sharing, the Foundation works to achieve systemic change that includes all women. By supporting community programs, the Foundation empowers women and girls to move themselves out of violence, out of poverty, and into confidence and leadership. Launched in 1991 to address a critical need for philanthropy focused on women, the Canadian Women’s Foundation is one of the largest women’s foundations in the world. With the support of donors, the Foundation has raised more than $90 million and funded over 1,900 programs across the country. These programs focus on addressing the root causes of the most critical issues, and helping women and girls who face the greatest barriers.

Philanthropy for Advancing Women’s Human Rights (PAWHR) is a network that mobilizes funders to support the women’s rights ecosystem. Collectively, its membership is comprised of twelve private foundations and philanthropic advisors. PAWHR leverages more than $200 million USO annually toward advancing women’s human rights. PAWHR will provide thought leadership, strategic advice and mentorship for grant-making, investment and strategic philanthropy.

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is a global financial institution with a purpose-driven, principles-led approach to delivering leading performance. Our success comes from the 84,000+ employees who bring our vision, values and strategy to life so we can help our clients thrive and communities prosper. As Canada’s biggest bank, and one of the largest in the world based on market capitalization, we have a diversified business model with a focus on innovation and providing exceptional experiences to our 16 million clients in Canada, the U.S. and 33 other countries. We are proud to support a broad range of community initiatives through donations, community investments and employee volunteer activities. See how at rbc.com/community-sustainability.

Toronto Foundation is a best in class community foundation that pools philanthropic dollars and facilitates charitable donations for maximum community impact. Toronto Foundation brings significant financial management and investment experience to the Equality Fund, and will serve as our fiduciary sponsor and partner.

Yaletown Partners is a well-established pan-Canadian venture capital fund manager. The firm invests in next generation technologies addressing resource sustainability and climate change, and fostering climate resilient growth. Yaletown will support with an institutional-grade investment platform and will lend their technical expertise and sectoral thought leadership.



Meet the Equality Fund:

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