Corporación Vamos Mujer (Colombia)

Colombian women achieved the right to vote in 1954. Despite this hard-won (and relatively recent) gain, the female vote in Colombia has remained stubbornly low during the last four elections. Women’s organizations struggle to position their agendas, especially in rural territories where large-scale projects for mining, water use, and agro-fuels have scorched local livelihoods.

In the Colombian Antioquia region, Corporación Vamos Mujer focuses on women’s political empowerment, bringing together women of different cultures and backgrounds to demand their right to participate in the political process and to live free from violence. Through training, lobbying, and regional gatherings supported by The MATCH Fund, Corporación Vamos Mujer will help women cast their vote in the 2015 municipal elections and participate meaningfully in the ongoing peace process in the country.

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