Boxgirls Kenya (Kenya)

Boxgirls Kenya takes a different approach to empowering young girls. To build self-esteem and promote self-defense, they teach girls how to box. But the training these young women receive goes far beyond learning how to throw a good hook or a jab; they are also receiving leadership and skills training, sexual and health education, and entrepreneurship training. This organization currently supports 648 girls, between eight and 23 years old, from some of the most disadvantaged communities in Nairobi.

Boxgirls knows how valuable the support of the broader community can be in promoting the rights of women and girls. The organization therefore hosts meetings and runs campaigns to encourage parents, caregivers, teachers and community leaders to become actively involved in their programs. Boxgirls also works within a network of organizations that are using sport for development, even acting as mentors to other grassroots organizations in Kenya.

In the past seven years, the work of Boxgirls has produced remarkable changes in the lives of women and girls. Young girls and women in Kenya are gaining self-confidence and stepping into community leadership roles, with one participant now a proud member of Kenya’s national boxing team.

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