Be Fearless. Use the F-Word.

There’s been a lot of talk about feminism lately: who is one (like this author who surprised us last summer), who is not (and wants you to know), what it means and how to do it well (or rather, how not to do it).

But the truth is, “feminism” has come a long way since its widespread adoption in the 1960s. And while there is more than just one feminism out there today, many women still shy away from the label. So whether you identify as a feminist, or avoid the f-word altogether, this International Women’s Day we want to know: what does feminism mean to you?

If you believe in a woman’s equal right to education, does that make you a feminist? If you believe in equality among the sexes, does that make you a feminist? And if you believe rape should not be used as a weapon of war, does that make you a feminist?

These are the questions we’ve been asking lately. At The MATCH International Women’s Fund, we know the importance of feminist values. Values like courage and collaboration that led to the founding of our organization 38 years ago. To us, feminism is an acknowledgement that there is an imbalance of power between men and women around the world, and that we have a collective and personal obligation to change this reality. And in a world where more than 60 million girls have been forcibly married before the age of 18, where an estimated 72% of the world’s refugees are women and children and where women make up approximately 8% of participants at formal peace negotiations, we believe that feminism is still needed to ensure that greater change happens for women. Don’t you?

This International Women’s Day, go ahead and use the f-word – tell us what you think. Join the conversation on Facebook or on Twitter, share our questions with your friends and use #youmaybeafeminist to share your own view on what feminism means today.

Or share one of our conversation starters:

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