What We Do


We’re all about homegrown solutions to the issues that women, girls, and trans* people face. We dream of a world where there are more solutions than there are barriers.

But we don’t have the solutions. And we don’t need to.

Why? Because the brave women, girls, and trans* folks working at the grassroots level have the solutions. And they are innovating every day within the most restrictive contexts.

They are:

  • The women in Colombia who work their mortal magic as “anti-violence fairies” for survivors of domestic violence;
  • The 12-year-old girls high up in the mountains of Nepal who have formed clubs to refuse marriage and stay in school;
  • The migrant women in Argentina who pitch pop-up human rights tents to spread the word about the resources available to migrants like themselves;
  • The filmmakers in Georgia who had the guts to keep the cameras rolling when an angry mob attacked LGBT activists in the street. Then these brave women used the footage to make the first documentary about homophobia in the country;
  • The women in India who confronted trash mafias to build a social enterprise that turns women “rag pickers” into Kolkata’s fiercest climate entrepreneurs.

Grassroots organizations like these might have all the solutions. But there are two things they definitely don’t have: money and visibility.

That’s where we come in. We’re an international women’s fund (the only one in Canada) working at the intersection of women’s rights and innovation. We fund grassroots women’s rights organizations that are Holding Ground and Breaking Ground for women’s rights. And we’re committed to sharing their stories as they dismantle barriers, challenge perceptions, and find solutions to the world’s biggest problems.

How do we do it? (That’s where you come in.) Your donations. We channel your dollars directly to the girls boxing in the slums of Nairobi, the underground network of LGBT folks in Kampala, and the women taking hospitals to task in Xalapa.

First you use your power for good. Then we use our power for good. Then the women, girls, and trans* folks on the ground use their power for good.

It’s the stuff solutions are made of.

*The MATCH Fund is accredited through the Imagine Canada’s Standards Program in 5 key areas of operations.

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