Innovative Solutions

Women and Innovation

Innovation is what happens when you know your power and have the courage to use it to meet a specific need at a specific time. And social innovation is doing it…for good.

Courageous women, girls, and trans* people are innovating at the grassroots level to find solutions to the barriers they face.

  • Blandine is a millennial living and working in the heart of Africa’s “Silicon Savannah.” She designed an app to save the lives of mothers and babies in her home country. Read Blandine’s story.
  • Deepika is a young photographer who wields her camera to expose violence against women and girls in Delhi’s public toilets. Read Deepika’s story.
  • Our Holding Ground and Breaking Ground partners run the first Mayan women-led tourist initiatives in Guatemala, forge underground networks for LGBT folks in Uganda, and teach journalists how to stop the stigma against sex workers in Nicaragua. These solutions are changing the world for women and girls. Read about them here.

The MATCH Fund is unique because we work at the intersection of women’s rights and innovation. We mobilize the power of Canadian resources to amplify women-led innovations that drive transformative solutions at the grassroots.

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