Meet Our Team




Who are the people who make up this international Canadian women’s fund? What drives us to be our best selves? Read our Humanifesto: a glimpse into the essence of who we are.

We are all optimists. Every single one of us. In spite of it all. We stand on the shoulders of the most incredible people. And we don’t take that for granted. We claim the right to speak up and tell stories of courageous women and trans* people around the world. We lend our unique voice, our energy, our passion and our talent to a collective movement for rights, for justice, and for change.

We fought our way back up, we are firing on all cylinders, and we are in our ascension. That means we don’t sit still. Not at meetings. Not at our desks. Not when it comes to getting more money for women and girls. We build experimentation into everything that we do, and we ‘punch above our weight’ like it’s a mantra. (It’s actually our mantra.). We always check in with our gut, our heart, and our heads. Sometimes this means that the goose bump factor sways our decision. We cultivate spaces to doubt, to take risks, to ask questions, and to have dance parties, even when it’s uncomfortable (and even though some of us are better dancers than others).

So what’s our magic sauce? It’s a unique combination of grit, humour, and boundless passion for the work. It’s our diversity. It’s recognizing that we all have something to offer. (We love working with men who use their powers for good.) Our children, our partners, our parents, our siblings, our pets are all part of The MATCH Fund’s story. We believe there is an emoji for every situation, especially the urgent unicorn. We wear our Development Hats and our Failure Mittens with pride. This is our DNA. This is what makes us who we are.