Our History

The organization that created The MATCH International Women’s Fund is called MATCH International. In 1976, two Canadian women created Canada’s first international organization to place the issue of women’s rights and empowerment as central to successful and sustained development in the global South. Inspired by the women they met at the United Nation’s First World Conference on Women in Mexico City the year before, Dr. Norma E. Walmsley and Ms. Suzanne Johnson-Harvor created MATCH International to MATCH the needs and resources of Canadian women with the needs and resources of women in the global South.

From the beginning, the focus of MATCH International has been to endorse the initiatives identified by women in the global South, and support their leadership in executing their ideas about women’s rights and equality in the developing world. With the help of loyal supporters from across Canada, MATCH International has worked with over 650 women’s organizations in 71 countries to advance women’s rights and bring about lasting change.

In October 2013, MATCH International launched Canada’s first international fund for women – The MATCH International Women’s Fund. The MATCH Fund was created as the most direct way to get money and resources into the hands of women’s rights organizations working at the grassroots level. It provides grants to local women’s organizations in the global South that are Holding Ground and Breaking Ground for a more equal world.